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Craft Your Perfect Smile: Experience the Radiance of Premium Dental Veneers

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your smile? Do you struggle with stained or discolored teeth? Are whitening products just not getting the results you want? Our expert cosmetic dentists, use their skill and knowledge to enhance and correct any issues you may have with your teeth. We use dental veneers for patients seeking a straighter, brighter, and undamaged smile.

What Are Dental Veneers?

The demand for restorative materials that closely resemble natural teeth has increased in recent years, making dental veneers a popular option for our patients. To begin the process, we’ll start by removing the tooth structure from the side of the tooth and, after an impression is made of the remaining tooth structure, it’s sent to the lab. Once completed, the temporary restorations are removed, and the final veneers are bonded to the tooth structure.

Types of Dental Veneers

Veneers can have limitations based on the initial color of a tooth, existing restorations, and fillings. Unlike crowns, dental veneers consist of ultra-thin, customized porcelain or ceramic material designed to cover the entire tooth. The two most common types of dental veneers are:

  • Porcelain Veneers: These veneers are custom-made from porcelain, are 0.5 mm in thickness, and are pre-prepared by our dentists with digital impression systems.
  • Lumineers: Lumineers don’t require tooth preparation and are placed on top of existing teeth to improve shape and color. They are made from a stronger form of porcelain and are typically 0.2 mm in thickness. Lumineers are most recommended for patients with small teeth who are looking for bigger results.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Option

At Sterling Dental Center, we help you explore the most technologically advanced options in cosmetic dentistry. To learn why our services have been trusted by countless Shreveport patients for over three decades, call us today at (318) 374-1411 or contact us online. We can discuss your oral situation in more detail and help you figure out the best treatment plan for your needs.

Experience quality dental care with our professional services by calling us at (318) 374-1411.

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